May 11 2010

glipper pastie – a nopaste addon for glipper

I really like the gnome panel applet glipper. But sadly, its nopaste-plugin refuses to work. The formerly used nopaste service at has been discontinued since May 2009 already, so I decided to work out my own solution a few weeks ago.

Since I got to know Pastie, when I once started learning Ruby (on Rails) in 2007, I really favored this nopaste service.

So why not write my own glipper-plugin to work with Pastie? :)

The results are mostly based upon the old glipper nopaste plugin and some snippets from this pastie site. Also I must say that the glipper plugin development documentation is really well done.

Thus, my code is not really my code. I reused a lot ;) Since the original source code is LGPL’d, I won’t think this will lead to any problems. Feel free to contact me otherwise.

Please also note, that this plugin — although it runs rock solid & stable on my machine — may not work on your machine. So any bug reports are highly appreciated!