Mar 30 2009

means to overcome censorship content filters

Today at the university (not during classes, just a little chit-chat with fellow students) we discussed “blocking” access to certain internet pages. The most common method would be not-resolving the blacklisted hostnames via dns. Of course it made us think about means to overcome this. Firstly you could change your desired dns-server (e.g. OpenDNS). Another suggestion was tunneling dns-traffic through other protocols. Then, on my way home I tried to construct a convenient method to tunnel dns-traffic. Maybe programm a custom driver that passes dns-requests through a tunnel? A grain of anonymity maybe? Some encryption involved?

Well, I suppose I overthought it a little, because just when I left the bus home it occured to me:

Why not use TOR?

chosenone@terra:~$ tor-resolve

Of course this isn’t gonna solve problems system-wide, nor is it THE convenient solution, but I think tor-resolve is definately the way to go.